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Welcome to Lawless ItalianLawless ItalianThis free website has a variety of resources for Italian students – where to begin? Here’s a quick overview.

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About LKL

Buongiorno! I’m Laura K. Lawless, creator, writer, editor, and CLO (Chief Lawless Officer) of this free online Italian learning site.

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Ciao! I’m Evelyn Reid and I am utterly thrilled to be involved in the making of Lawless Italian, your one-stop Italian language learning destination featuring new lessons every week to motivate and stimulate you on your journey to fluency.

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Lawless ItalianWelcome to the brand-new Lawless Italian site! We’ve been working on it for a while, and today’s the day we’re finally ready to commit to teaching you Italian!

Launch Date: Ferragosto!

Lawless ItalianI know it looks like not much is happening, but there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes: planning, setting up the site, and of course creating Italian lessons. And we have an official launch date!