About Evelyn

Evelyn Reid

Ciao! I’m Evelyn Reid and I am utterly thrilled to be involved in the making of Lawless Italian, your one-stop Italian language learning destination featuring new lessons every week to motivate and stimulate you on your journey to fluency.

Life Story

Born and raised in Montreal, multilingualism has been a running theme since as far back as I can remember. Fluent in both French and English since childhood, my dream was to be a doctor, yet I ended up in documentary film and journalism with stints in public policy research and executive personality analysis along the way. With a mother versed in five languages before she passed away at age 45, my other dream was polyglotism.


I can’t imagine spending one day of my life without speaking at least two different languages. And when the time came to expand my repertoire to three, Italian was the obvious choice. It was the one language that left me mesmerized after hearing it for the first time. That moment, at age 15, jaw-dropped at the sight of my first Fellini film, stayed stuck with me for years until I finally had a chance to study it intensively courtesy of the internet.

When I’m not practicing la più bella lingua del mondo, I’m an avid biohacker researching the latest developments in neuroscience, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing, incorporating the latter into my own lifestyle in an almost alchemical bid to challenge and transcend modern society’s limited understanding of health, aging, genetics, and trauma. Other interests include ancient history, art history, philosophy, and the Renaissance. And martial arts, particularly Japanese and Russian styles. And dance. And meditation. And tea. (It’s a long list).


With a two-year degree in commerce from Dawson College, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Montreal’s Concordia University and continually refresh and further my knowledge in the field, particularly neuroscience and biochemistry, courtesy of edX coursework produced by Harvard and MIT.

Professional Experience and Skills

With a past in psychology and documentary film and over a decade of experience as a full-time freelance writer, editor, content manager, and information architect, I’ve served as a performance art critic, translator, live interpreter, travel writer, food critic, and entertainment writer in addition to authoring online news reports and non-partisan political editorials. Consult my portfolio.

Since 2018, I’ve managed Lawless French‘s social media channels and now assist Lawless Italian creator Laura K Lawless with lesson revision when I’m not creating a few lessons of my own for fellow Italophiles passionate about the language and culture.

Perpetually interested in covering fresh angles and breaking new ground, my current professional focus outside of language learning is neuroscience, health, wellness, lifestyle, and Taoist philosophy via my online opus Where’s Your Head, with demonstrated skills in search engine optimization (SEO), live broadcast appearances, journalism, photography (whether capturing or editing), and social media.


Please post your questions about Italian on the Lawless Italian Facebook page.