Weights and Measures

Italian weights and measures
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Pesi e misure

Like most of the world, Italians use the metric system for weights and measures. Here are the main units and a link to a converter so you can find out the Imperial equivalents.

Weight / Il peso

  gram   un grammo
  100 grams
  un etto
  kilogram   un chilogrammo
un chilo

Volume / Il volume

  liter   un litro
  milliliter   un millilitro

Length / La lunghezza

  centimeter   un centimetro
  meter   un metro
  kilometer   un chilometro

 When weights and measures are used in front of nouns, the preposition di is required and the article is omitted:

a kilogram of tomatoes   un chilo di pomodori
a liter of milk   un litro di latte

Imperial system / Il sistema imperiale

foot   un piede
inch   un pollice
mile   un miglio
pound   una libbra

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Pesi e misure

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