Weather in Italian
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Il tempo

Understanding Italian weather terms is useful for deciding what to wear, planning what to do, and, of course, making small talk. Here are the most common Italian weather terms – click the links for sound files, or the (verbs) for lessons.

How’s the weather?   Com’è il tempo?
It's …   Fa (fare)
cold   freddo  
cool   fresco  
hot   caldo  
nice out   bel tempo  
bad weather   brutto tempo  
It’s …     È   (essere)
  clear skies     chiaro
  cloudy     nuvoloso  
  humid     umido  
  nice out     piacevole  
  rainy     piovoso  
  sunny     soleggiato  
It's …   C’è …*    
  foggy   nebbia  
  sunny     il sole  
  windy   vento  
It’s one degree
It’s ___ degrees
  C’è un grado
Ci sono ___ gradi
There’s a storm   C’è una tempesta
C’è un temporale
There’s …   Ci sono  
  lightning     fulmini  
  thunder     tuoni  
rain     la pioggia  
to rain     piovere    
It’s raining   Sta piovendo (stare)
It’s pouring   Sta piovendo a dirotto
Sta piovendo a secchiate
Sta piovendo pesantemente
snow     la neve    
to snow     nevicare    
It’s snowing   Sta nevicando  

  * Literally, these expressions mean "There is fog / sun / wind."

** Italians use Celsius for weather, so for example ci sono 30 gradi would mean that it’s hot (86°F), not the below freezing it would be in Fahrenheit.

Weather idiom: fare un freddo cane – to be bitterly cold

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Italian weather terms

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