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Italian shops and businesses
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Negozi e aziende

Unless you have a personal assistant, running errands is an unavoidable part of life. Food needs to be purchased, clothing washed, and money moved around on a regular basis. Here are the Italian names for the shops and robbers businesses that provide essential supplies and services.

un negozio di alimentari
una bottega
  grocery store
un mercato   farmer’s market
un supermercato   supermarket
un ipermercato   superstore, giant supermarket
una macelleria   butcher shop
un panificio, una panetteria   bakery
una salumeria   pork butcher, deli
una latteria   dairy
un caseificio   cheese factory
un’enoteca   wine shop
una pasticceria   pastry shop
una pescheria   fish market
una gelateria   ice cream parlor
una banca   bank
un bistro   bistro
un’osteria, una trattoria   casual restaurant
una lavanderia   laundromat
un caffè, una caffeteria, un bar   café
un grande magazzino   department store
un’edicola   newsstand
una farmacia   pharmacy
un ufficio postale   post office
una tintoria   dry cleaner
un ristorante   restaurant

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Italian stores

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