Italian shopping terms
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La spesa ed acquisti

Want to go shopping? Be sure to greet the store clerk, then take a look at these useful phrases related to shopping in Italian. Click the links for sound files.

Useful Italian shopping verbs

avere   to have
cercare   to look for
comprare   to buy
provare   to try on
restituire   to return (an item)
spendere   to spend
trovare   to find
vendere   to sell
volere   to want

Let’s go shopping!

For necessities
  fare commissioni   to run errands
  fare la spesa   to go food shopping
For fun
  fare acquisti   to go shopping, make purchases
  fare shopping      "   "
For free
  guardare le vetrine   to window shop

What the clerk might say …

Mi dica.
Posso aiutarLa?
  Can I help you?
Cosa sta cercando?   What are you looking for?
Che taglia porta?
Che taglia sei?
  What’s your (clothing) size?
Che numero di scarpe porta?   What’s your shoe size?
La misura è giusta?  

Is it the right size?

  Anything else?
È un regalo?   Is it a gift?

What you might respond …

Vorrei …   I would like…
Hai …?   Do you have …?
Quanto costa … ?   How much does … cost?
   troppo grande
   troppo piccolo
  It’s …
   too big
   too small
Sto solo guardando, grazie.
Do solo un’occhiata
  I’m just looking, thanks.

Miscellanous Italian shopping terms

una borsa   bag
un campione   sample, tester
un carrello   shopping cart
caro, costoso   expensive
economico   inexpensive
le vendite   sales

A la cassa – At the register

pagare in contanti   to pay cash
con carta (di credito) with a credit card
con i traveler’s check with traveler’s checks
il resto   change (back from what you paid)
lo scontrino   receipt

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Italian shopping vocabulary

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