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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but friendliness is in the heart and kindness is in the soul. Check out this Italian vocabulary to learn how to describe someone’s personality.

Asking about someone’s personality

To ask what a person is like, you need the verb essere (to be):

What is he / she like?   Come è?
What is he like?   Come è lui?
What is she like?   Come è lei?

Describing someone’s personality

When describing someone, use être and remember to make the adjective agree with the person’s gender.

He / She is…   (Lui) e… (Lei) e…
boring   noioso noiosa
brave   coraggioso coraggiosa
chatty   chiacchierone chiacchierone
cowardly   codardo codarda
cunning   astuto astuta
friendly   amichevole amichevole
funny   divertente divertente
hard-working   laborioso laboriosa
impatient   impaziente impaziente
interesting   interessante interessante
kind   gentile gentile
lazy   pigro pigra
mean   meschino meschina
naive   ingenuo ingenua
nice   simpatico simpatica
open-minded   aperto di mente aperta di mente
outgoing   estroverso estroversa
patient   paziente paziente
patriotic   patriottico patriottica
playful   giocoso giocosa
quirky   eccentrico eccentrica
serious   serio seria
shy   timido timida
smart   intelligente intelligente
sociable   socievole socievole
snobbish   snob snob
sophisticated   sofisticato sofisticata
studious   studioso studiosa
stupid   stupido stupida
unfriendly   scortese scortese
well-behaved   ben educato ben educata

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Italian personality vocabulary

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