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Passover in Italian
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The Jewish festival of Passover lasts for seven or eight days sometime in March or April. The dates vary because this holiday is not based on the Gregorian calendar, aka solar calendar. Passover begins on the 15th of Nisan, the first month in the Hebrew calendar.

In 2024, Passover begins on 22 April; in 2025 it will begin on 12 April. Here’s some Italian vocabulary to help you celebrate this Jewish celebration of freedom.*

Passover   il Pèsach, la Pasqua ebraica
Easter   la Pasqua
spring   la primavera
exodus   esodo
freedom   libertà
Messiah   Messia
prayer   preghiera
prophet   profeta
rabbi   rabbino
slavery   schiavitù
story   storia
yarmulke   yarmulke
bitter herbs   erbe amara
brisket   punta di petto
carrot   carota
charoset   charoset
(una massa dolce che simboleggia il mortaio)
Gefilte fish   pesce gefilte
grape juice   succo d’uva
horseradish   rafano
kosher   kosher
lettuce   lattuga
matzoh ball   palla di matzoh
nuts   noci
orange   arancia
parsley   prezzemolo
potato   patata
prune   prugna secca
roast chicken   pollo arrosto
roasted egg   uovo arrosto
shankbone   stinco
spices   spezie
sweet potato   patata dolce
unleavened bread   pane azzimo
wine   vino
to bless   benedire
to eat   mangiare
to pray   pregare
to symbolize   simboleggiare
to tell (a story)   raccontare (una storia)

* I am not Jewish, so I’ve collected this information from various resources. If there are any mistakes or major omissions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to fix them.

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Italian passover

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