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Italian love language
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Lingua dell’amore

Italian is a Romance language, which means it must be romantic, right? Here’s the most romantic Italian vocabulary of all. 🙂

love   l’amore
friendship   l’amicizia
Loving expressions    
I love you   Ti amo Learn more: Ti amo
I love you too   Anch’io ti amo
I adore you   Ti adoro
love at first sight   amore a prima vista
Will you marry me?   Mi vuoi sposare?
Loving people    
  un fidanzato*
un ragazzo
  una fidanzata*
una ragazza
fiancé(e)   un fidanzato / una fidanzata*
friend   un amico / una amica
husband   un marito
lover   un / una amante
wife   una moglie
dear, sweetheart     caro / cara
Loving occasions    
engagement   l’impegno
honeymoon   il viaggio di nozze
marriage, wedding   il matrimonio
Valentine’s Day   San Valentino
wedding anniversary   l’anniversario di matrimonio
Loving verbs    
to date   uscire con
to love   amare
to get engaged   fidanzarsi
to be engaged   essere fidanzati
to get married   sposarsi
kiss   un bacio
hug   un abbraccio

 Note: Fidanzato and fidanzata can be used for boy/girlfriend as well as for fiancé, so you need to pay attention to the context in order to know which one the speaker means.

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Lingua dell'amore - Italian love language

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