Introductions in Italian
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 Allow me to introduce this lesson with a warning: the Italian verb introdurre usually means to introduce something physically into something or introduce a topic. While it can be used in some formal situations when introducing people, in social situations, it’s better to use the verb presentare.

Learn how to introduce yourself and others with this lesson – click for sound files.

Introduce yourself

Lascia che mi presenti.   Let me introduce myself.
Mi chiamo   My name is …
Sono   I am …
Il mio nome è   My (first) name is …

Introduce others

      you =
Vorrei presentarti …    I’d like to introduce you to … tu
Vorrei presentarle …    I’d like to introduce you to … Lei
Vorrei presentarvi …    I’d like to introduce you to… voi
Questo è   This is…  
Il suo nome è   His / Her name is…  

Meeting people

Come ti chiami?     (informal)
Come si chiama?   What is your name?  (formal)
Piacere di conoscerti.     (informal)
Piacere di conoscerla.   It’s nice to meet you. (formal)
Piacere.   It’s a pleasure (to meet you)
Molto piacere.   It’s a great pleasure (to meet you)

  Italian names

il primo nome   first name, given name, Christian name
il cognome   last name, family name, surname
il soprannome   nickname

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Italian introductions