Italian feelings
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How are you feeling? Find out how to ask and answer this question in Italian.

Asking about someone’s feelings

To ask how a person feels, you need the verb stare (to be) or sentirsi (to feel):

How are you?   Come stai?
How do you feel?   Come ti senti?

Describing someone’s feelings

When describing someone’s mood, you can use essere (to be) or sentirsi. Remember to make the adjective agree with the person’s gender.

I am …
He, She is …
I feel …
He, She feels …
Mi sento
Si sente
amazed   stupito stupita
anguished   angosciato angosciata
angry   arrabbiato arrabbiata
annoyed   infastidito infastidita
ashamed   vergognoso vergognosa
bored   annoiato annoiata
calm   tranquillo tranquilla
cheerful   allegro allegra
confident   sicuro di sé sicura di sé
confused   disorientato
delighted   felice felice
depressed   depresso depressa
distressed   angosciato angosciata
embarrassed   imbarazzato imbarazzata
excited   emozionato emozionata
exhausted   esausto
frustrated   frustrato frustrata
happy   felice felice
horrified   inorridito inorridita
hyper(active)   iperattivo, iper iperattiva, iper
indifferent   indifferente indifferente
irritated   irritato irritata
lonely   solitario solitaria
nervous   nervoso nervosa
pleased   contento contenta
rushed, in a hurry   di fretta di fretta
sad   triste triste
scared   spaventato spaventata
stunned   stupito stupita
surprised   sorpreso sorpresa
tired   stanco stanca
unhappy   infelice
worried   preoccupato preoccupata

 One very common expression uses stare instead:

  • Sto tranquillo. – I’m ok, I’m not worried.

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Sentimenti - Feelins in Italian

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