Family in Italian
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La famiglia

One of the interesting things about la famiglia and Italian family vocabulary is that the word parente means not just "parent" as in mother or father, but also "relative."

Per esempio…

Ho un parente a Firenze.   I have a relative in Florence.
Gianni è un parente alla lontana.   Gianni is a distant relative.

A better word when you specifically want to talk about a "parent" is genitore.

La famiglia

Close relations, next of kin = i parenti più prossimo

brother un fratello   sister una sorella
father un padre   mother una madre
son un figlio   daughter una figlia
husband un marito   wife
una moglie
uncle uno zio   aunt una zia
nephew un nipote   niece una nipote
cousin – male un cugino   cousin – female una cugina
grandfather un nonno   grandmother une nonna
great grandfather un bisnonno   great grandmother una bisnonna
grandson un nipote   granddaughter una nipote
great grandson un bisnipote
un pronipote
  great granddaughter una bisnipote
una pronipote

 Note that the word nipote has four possible translations: nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter. Pay attention to context and the gender of the article for hints about which meaning the speaker intends.

Likewise, bisnipote and prosnipote can both refer to great grandchildren as well as great-nephews / great-nieces.

Family by marriage ~ Famille par alliance

extended family   la famiglia estesa
blended family   la famiglia acquisita
step-father patrigno   step-mother matrigna
step-brother fratellastro   step-sister sorellastra
step-son figliastro   step-daughter figliastra
father-in-law suocero   mother-in-law suocera
brother-in-law cognato   sister-in-law cognata
son-in-law genero   daughter-in-law nuora

Other Family Matters

Adoptive Family ~ Famiglia adottiva

biological father padre biologico   biological mother madre biologica
adoptive father padre adottivo   adoptive mother madre adottiva
adopted son figlio adottivo   adopted daughter figlia adottiva

Foster Family ~ Famiglia affidataria

foster father padre affidatario   foster mother madre affidataria
foster son figlio adottivo   foster daughter figlia adottiva

Godparents and Godchildren

godfather padrino   godmother madrina
godson figlioccio   goddaughter figlioccia

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Italian family vocabulary

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