Drinks in Italian
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Thirsty? Learn Italian vocabulary related to drinking and drinks, everything from from water to wine.

drink, beverage   la bevanda
to be thirsty avere sete
to drink   bere
potable, drinkable   potabile

Non-alcoholic drinks – Bevande non alcoliche

coffee il caffè
cola   la cola
espresso l’espresso
hot chocolate la cioccolata calda 
juice il succo
lemonade la limonata
milk il latte
pop, soda, soft drink la bibita analcolica
iced tea
herbal tea
il tè freddo
la tisana, l’infusione
still / plain water
sparkling / mineral water
tap water
l’acqua naturale
l’acqua gassata, minerale
l’acqua del rubinetto

Alcoholic drinks – Bevande alcoliche

after-dinner drink il digestivo
beer la birra
cocktail, pre-dinner drink l’aperitivo
hard cider il sidro
sparkling wine
lo spumante, il prosecco
lo champagne
wine il vino

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Italian drinks

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