Italian directions
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Learn how to ask for directions and understand the answers with this list of Italian vocabulary.

Dov’è … ?   Where is … ?
Dove si trova … ?   Where is … ?
Come si va a … ?   How does one get to … ?
Come vado a … ?   How do I get to … ?
È   It’s …
il nord
al nord
to the north
il sud
al sud
to the south
a l’est
to the east
a l’ovest
to the west
la destra
a destra
to/on the right
la sinistra
a sinsistra
to/on the left
dritto   straight (ahead)
accanto a   next to
davanti   in front of
dietro   in back of, behind
sopra   above
sotto   below
vicino   near (to)
lontano   far (from)

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Directions in Italian

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