Cars and Driving

Cars and driving in Italian
Driving comes with a whole mess of rules (that I can’t help you with) as well as some specialized Italian vocabulary (which I can). Learn how to drive in Italian with this vocab list.


Ci – Adverbial Pronoun

Ci - Italian adverbial pronounThe adverbial pronoun ci can replace a place or the object of a preposition of place. Used in this way, ci is most commonly equivalent to “there” or “here,” but may also be translated by a preposition plus “it.”


Demonstrative Pronouns

Italian demonstrative pronounsDemonstrative pronouns (this one, that one, the one[s], these, those) refer to a previously-mentioned noun in a sentence. Italian demonstrative pronouns are more complicated than their English counterparts, because there are two different sets and because they must agree in gender and number with the noun they replace.



FluentU – Italian Videos

FluentU Italian videosItalian videoItalian learners are always looking for new sources of Italian listening practice, and FluentU is one of the best. This subscription site offers videos for all levels of Italian, enhanced with quizzes, spaced repetition, and other tools to help you practice what you know and learn at your own pace.



Italian fractions
In both Italian and English, there’s a lot of overlap between fractions and ordinals: the vast majority of these two types of numbers share the same word.


Indefinite Adjectives

Italian indefinite adjectivesIndefinite adjectives like altro, ogni, and tutto describe nouns in a general or non-specific way. Many indefinite adjectives indicate a vague quantity.


Interrogative Pronouns

Italian interrogative pronounsWho, what, which one? Use interrogative pronouns to ask these questions, which are a little more complicated in Italian than in English.




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