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News in Slow ItalianNews in Slow Italian is a weekly podcast with resources for Italian students of all levels. Native speakers report current events at a reduced but not unnatural pace, making it easier for you to understand without being overloaded by rapid-fire Italian. You also have the option to hear the same person reciting the news at a normal speed, so that you can truly practice and improve at your own pace.

After the news item, two reporters chat about it to further improve your understanding and offer additional information. The complete transcript is provided with potentially difficult words highlighted – hover to see the translation. There are also grammar and expressions lessons.

Get a taste of News in Slow Italian (and the other Italian content published by Linguistica 360*) with a free 7-day trial; after that, you can continue with an automatically renewing subscription for US$ 19.90 per month.

* The subscription includes a variety of practice and learning materials for all levels:

  • A Change of Pace – in-depth news analysis (advanced Italian )
  • Expressions catalog
  • Grammar course
  • G.U.T.S. (Get Up to Speed) for beginners
  • News in Slow Italian
  • Opinion: topics include science and technology, Italian and world news, and more
  • Original audio series

So if you want to prendere il toro per le corna, check out News in Slow Italian, where you can improve your Italian listening comprehension and language skills while simultaneously learning about current events.

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