Italian alphabetThe letter H is silent in Italian and is rarely found on its own. Its main purpose is to make the pronunciation of C and G hard in front of soft vowels.



Italian Easter vocabulary
Easter occurs every year somewhere between 22 March and 25 April, and the week immediately preceding it (Sunday to Saturday) is called Holy Week. Here’s all the Italian vocabulary you need to celebrate this Christian period of renewal.



Passover in Italian
The Jewish festival of Passover lasts for seven or eight days sometime in March or April. It begins on the 15th of Nisan, the first month in the Hebrew calendar.


Dire – to say, to tell

Dire - say, tellDire is one of the most common and useful Italian verbs and has irregular conjugations. It literally means “to say” or “to tell.”



Italian Ramadan vocabulary
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this holy month, nearly all Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours (sunrise to sunset).


Italian alphabetThe Italian letter G can be pronounced in a few different ways, depending on the letters that follow it.


Articulated Prepositions

Italian contracted articlesArticulated prepositions are the contractions of certain Italian prepositions with definite articles. In English, contractions like "I’m" and "won’t" are optional and indicate informality. In Italian, however, preposizioni articolate are required, regardless of the register you’re speaking or writing in.


Saint Patrick’s Day

Italian vocabulary for St. Patrick's Day
Ireland’s national holiday is celebrated by Irish people all over the world. Saint Patrick’s Day is observed in more countries than any other national holiday, and is a multi-day festival in Ireland itself. Learn some Italian vocabulary related to this joyful celebration of Irish culture.

LanguaTalk – Italian Tutor

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Adverbs of Manner

Italian adverbs of mannerAdverbs of manner express how the action of a verb occurs. In English, the vast majority of adverbs of manner end in -ly, whereas in Italian, they mostly end in -mente. They are usually created from adjectives.