Volere – to want

Volere - to want
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Wanting an Italian Verb

The Italian verb volere usually means "to want" and has irregular conjugations in just about every tense and mood.

Volere = to want

Voglio essere un medico.   I want to be a doctor.
Vuole più soldi.   He wants more money.

Volere = request

When expressing something that you want, the present tense of volere can sound a bit demanding, so it’s common to soften it with the conditional,

Per esempio…

Vorrei un panino.   I’d like a sandwich.
Vorremmo due caffè, per favore.   We’d like two coffees, please.

Or the imperfect. Note that in English, we still use "would like," but the literal translation is "wanted."

Per esempio…

Volevo un panino.   I’d like a sandwich.
Volevamo due caffè, per favore.   We’d like two coffees, please.

To request that someone do something, volere + infinitive is more polite than the imperative.

Per esempio…

Vuoi chiudere la porta, per favore?   Would you close the door, please?
Signora Amato, vuole accomodarsi?   Mrs. Amato, would you take a seat?

Volere present tense conjugations

Volere is an irregular –ere verb:

io voglio    noi vogliamo
tu vuoi voi volete
lui, lei vuole loro vogliono

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Volere - Italian verb

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