Venire – to come

Venire - to come
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Italian verb coming

Venire is one of the most common and useful Italian verbs. It usually means "to come":

Per esempio…

Veniamo da Napoli.   We’re from Naples.
(literally, "We come from Naples.")
Chi viene a cena?   Who’s coming to dinner?
Viene alle due.    He’s coming at two.
Le idee mi vengono spesso al mattino. Ideas often come to me in the morning.

Venire can also mean "to happen" or "occur."

Molte disgrazie vengono a me. A lot of mishaps happen to me/I have a lot of mishaps.
Cosa viene dopo? What happens next?

Venire present tense conjugations

Venire is an irregular –ire verb:

io vengo    noi veniamo
tu vieni voi venite
lui, lei viene loro vengono

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Venire - Italian verb

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