Top 11 Verbs

Top 11 Italian verbs
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Gli 11 verbi più comuni

There are thousands of Italian verbs, but some are far more important than others. Be sure you know how to conjugate and use the 11 most common Italian verbs. Click any verb for the detailed lesson.

ESSERE – to be

Sono stanco. – I’m tired.

STARE – to be

Sto a casa. – I’m at home.

AVERE – to have

Ho un cane. – I have a dog.

FARE – to do, to make

Faccio i piatti. – I’m doing the dishes.

ANDARE – to go

Vado all banca. – I’m going to the bank.

DIRE – to say, to tell

Ti dico la verità. – I’m telling you the truth.

VEDERE – to see

Vedo le stelle. – I see the stars.

SAPERE – to know

So il suo indirizzo. – I know his address.

POTERE – can, to be able to

Posso lavorare oggi. – I can work today.

VENIRE – to come

Vengo a mezzogiorno. – I’m coming at noon.

DOVERE – must, to have to

Devo studiare. – I have to study.

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Most common Italian verbs

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