Regular -ire Verbs

Verbi regolari della terza coniugazione

Regular -are verbs
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Italian verbs that end in ire are divided into two groups, both considered regular. The first group* is smaller and has similar endings to regular –ere verbs. To conjugate these verbs, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

Singular          Plural
1st person     io -o   noi  -iamo
2nd person tu -i   voi -ite
3rd person lui -e   loro -ono

Thus to conjugate sentire, you’ll remove the infinitive ending ire to find the radical sent– and then add the appropriate endings:

SENTIRE Singular          Plural
1st person    io sento   noi  sentiamo
2nd person tu senti   voi sentite
3rd person lui sente   loro sentono

Common regular -ire verbs

aborrire**   to abhor
acconsentire   to agree, consent
applaudire**   to applaud, clap
aprire   to open
assentire   to assent
assorbire**   to absorb
avvertire   to warn
bollire   to boil
compartire**   to share, to divide
convertire   to convert
coprire   to cover
cucire***   to sew
divertire   to enjoy, amuse
dormire   to sleep
fuggire   to escape, flee
inghiottire**   to swallow
mentire**   to lie
nutrire**   to feed
offrire   to offer
partire   to leave, to start
riaprire   to reopen
riempire   to fill
scoprire   to discover, to uncover
seguire   to follow
sentire   to feel, hear, smell, taste, sense
servire   to serve
soffrire   to suffer
tossire**   to cough
vestire   to dress, to wear


* The second, larger group of regular –ire verbs require –isc– in certain conjugations: Regular –ire verbs with –isc

** These verbs can be conjugated according to either of the regular –ire patterns.

*** The io form of cucire is cucio (-i– is added before the ending to maintain the soft pronunciation).

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Regular Italian verbs -are

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