Regular -ire Verbs with -isc-

Verbi regolari della terza coniugazione con -isc-

Regular -are verbs
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Most regular Italian verbs that end in ire require isc in four of their conjugations (1st, 2nd, 3rd person singular and 3rd person plural). To conjugate them, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

Singular          Plural
1st person     io -isco   noi  -iamo
2nd person tu -isci   voi -ite
3rd person lui -isce   loro -iscono

Thus to conjugate finire, you’ll remove the infinitive ending ire to find the radical fin– and then add the appropriate endings:

FINIRE Singular          Plural
1st person    io finisco   noi  finiamo
2nd person tu finisci   voi finite
3rd person lui finisce   loro finiscono

Common –ire verbs with –isc

aborrire*   to abhor
agire   to act
apparire**   to seem
applaudire*   to applaud, clap
approfondire   to deepen, elaborate on
arrossire   to blush
assorbire*   to absorb
capire   to understand
colpire   to hit; to affect
comparire**   to appear
compartire*   to share, to divide
condire   to season
contribuire   to contribute
costruire   to build
definire   to define
differire   to differ, be different
dimagrire   to lose weight
distribuire   to distribute
fallire   to fail
favorire   to favor; to promote
ferire   to hurt, wound
finire   to finish, end
fornire   to provide, furnish
garantire   to guarantee
gestire   to manage, handle
gradire   to like, to accept
guarire   to heal, cure, recover
impartire   to give, impart
impedire   to prevent, obstruct, impede
inghiottire*   to swallow
ingrandire   to enlarge
inserire   to insert
interferire   to interfere
istruire   to instruct
mentire*   to lie
nutrire*   to feed
obbedire   to obey
preferire   to prefer
proibire   to prohibit
pulire   to clean
punire   to punish
reagire   to react
restituire   to return, give back
riferire   to relate, to refer
scomparire**   to disappear
seppellire   to bury
sostituire   to substitute, replace
spedire   to send, ship
stabilire   to establish, set up
subire   to suffer, to endure, go through
suggerire   to suggest
tossire*   to cough
tradire   to betray
trasferire   to transfer, to move, reolocate
ubbidire   to obey
unire   to unite, join, merge

 There’s a smaller group of regular –ire verbs that are not conjugated with –isc: Regular –ire verbs

* These verbs can be conjugated according to either of the regular –ire patterns.

** These 3 verbs have an additional conjugation pattern: parire verbs

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Regular Italian verbs -ire with isc

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