Regular -ere Verbs

Verbi regolari della seconda coniugazione

Regular -are verbs
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The second category of Italian verbs end in ere. To conjugate them in the present tense, remove the infinitive ending and then add one of the following verb endings:

Singular    Plural
1st person     io -o   noi  -iamo
2nd person tu -i   voi -ete
3rd person lui -e   loro -ono

Thus to conjugate credere, you’ll remove the infinitive ending ere to find the radical cred– and then add the appropriate endings:

CREDERE   Singular          Plural
1st person      io credo   noi  crediamo
2nd person   tu credi   voi credete
3rd person   lui crede   loro credono

Common regular -ere verbs

accedere   to access
accendere   to turn on
apprendere   to learn
assumere   to assume; to hire, employ
attendere   to wait for
battere   to beat
chiedere   to ask
chiudere   to close
comprendere   to understand, to include
conoscere   to know
correre   to run, hurry
credere   to believe
decedere   to die
decidere   to decide
descrivere   to describe
dibattere   to debate
discutere   to discuss
mettere   to put
perdere   to lose
precedere   to precede
premere   to press
prendere   to take
pretendere   to claim
promettere   to promise
rendere   to give back, return
ricevere   to receive
ridere   to laugh
ripetere   to repeat
rispondere   to answer
rompere   to break
scendere   to descend, go down
scrivere   to write
sorridere   to smile
spendere   to spend
temere   to fear
tessere   to weave
vedere   to see
vendere   to sell
vivere   to live

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Regular Italian verbs -are

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