Present Tense as Near Future

Italian present as near future
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Presente come futuro prossimo

Italian has no grammatical equivalent to the construction "to be going to do something" – there is no andare fare qualcosa. Instead, you have three options:

  1. Very near future (stare per fare)
  2. Future tense
  3. Present tense, especially when the time or date is stated

Per esempio…

Sono a casa fra poco.   I’ll be home soon.
Ballo domani.   I’m dancing (I’m going to dance) tomorrow.
Lunedì compriamo una macchina.   On Monday we’re buying (going to buy) a car.

 Note that you can use andare in the present tense followed by a +  infinitive, but despite appearances, this is not a near future construction. It’s just andare in the present tense and with its normal meaning of "go."

Vado a ballare.    I’m going dancing.
I’m going to a club to dance.
Andiamo a comprare una macchina.   We’re going to buy a car.
We’re on our way to the used car lot.

 If this action does not involve physically moving to another place (e.g., you’re already there and just explaining your plan), you can’t use andare – you need the present or future.

When talking about an imminent action with no specific time/date stated, you can use stare per + infinitive.

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Italian present tense as near future

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