Present Tense as Near Future

Italian present as near future
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Presente come futuro prossimo

Italian has no grammatical equivalent to the construction "to be going to do something" – there is no andare fare qualcosa. Instead, you have three options:

  1. Very near future (stare per fare)
  2. Future tense
  3. Present tense, especially when the time or date is stated

Per esempio…

Sono a casa fra poco.   I’ll be home soon.
Ballo domani.   I’m dancing (I’m going to dance) tomorrow.
Lunedì compriamo una macchina.   On Monday we’re buying (going to buy) a car.

 Note that you can use andare un the present tense followed by a +  infinitive, but despite appearances, this is not a near future construction. It’s just andare in the present tense and with its normal meaning of "go."

Vado a ballare.    I’m going dancing.
I’m going somewhere to dance.
Andiamo a comprare una macchina.   We’re going to buy a car.
We’re leaving for the car lot.

 If this action does not involve physically moving to another place (e.g., you’re already there and just explaining your plan), you can’t use andare – you need the future tense:

  • Ballerò.
  • Comprerò una macchina.

When talking about an imminent action with no specific time/date stated, you can use stare per + infinitive.

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Italian present tense as near future