-parire Verbs

Irregular Italian verbs
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Verbi con –parire

Most Italian verbs that end in –parire have two sets of conjugations in the present tense and some other tenses and moods. They can either be conjugated like ire verbs with –isc or with a set of irregular endings:

Singular          Plural
1st person     io -io   noi  -riamo
2nd person tu -ri   voi -rite
3rd person lui -re   loro -iono

Per esempio…

To conjugate comparire, remove rire to find the radical compa– and then add the appropriate endings:

COMPARIRE Singular          Plural
1st person    io compaio   noi  compariamo
2nd person tu compari   voi comparite
3rd person lui compare   loro compaiono

The two sets of conjugations are equally correct.

io compaio   comparisco
tu compari   comparisci
lui compare   comparisce
noi  compariamo
voi comparite
loro compaiono   compariscono

 Note that noi and voi conjugations are the same in both sets.

Common –parire verbs

apparire   to seem
comparire   to appear
disparire   to disappear
riapparire   to reappear
ricomparire   to reappear
scomparire   to disappear
trasparire   to shine through

 The verbs parire and sparire do not follow this pattern: they are regular –ire verbs.

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Italian irregular verbs

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