-orre Verbs

Irregular Italian verbs
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Verbi irregolari con -orre

Italian has about 20 verbs with an irregular infinitive that ends in –orre, a contraction of the original infinitive ending –onere. Many conjugations for these verbs are based on that original infinitive.

apporre to affix
comporre to compose
deporre to depose
disporre to arrange
esporre to expose
giustapporre to juxtapose
imporre to impose
opporre to oppose
porre to put, place
posporre to postpone
proporre to propose
predisporre to predispose
presupporre to presuppose
ricomporre to recompose
riproporre to reintroduce
riporre to restore
sovrapporre to superimpose
supporre to suppose
sottoporre to submit
sovraesporre to overexpose
trasporre to transpose

How to conjugate –orre verbs

For the present tense, remove –orre and then add one of the following verb endings:*

Singular          Plural
1st person     io -ongo   noi  -oniamo
2nd person tu -oni   voi -onete
3rd person lui -one   loro -ongono

Per esempio…

PORRE Singular          Plural
1st person    io pongo   noi  poniamo
2nd person tu poni   voi ponete
3rd person lui pone   loro pongono

 * Another way to look at these conjugations, especially if you love grammar and etymology, is to figure out the original infinitive (e.g., porre ponere), then remove –ere and add the following endings, most of which are the same as regular –ere verb endings:

Singular          Plural
1st person     io -go   noi  -iamo
2nd person tu -i   voi -ete
3rd person lui -e   loro -gono

The end result is the same but the logic of the conjugations is more evident. 🙂

Also see urre verbs.

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Italian irregular verbs

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