Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

Radicali irregolari nel futuro e nel condizionale

Italian future and conditional stems
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Irregular Italian verbs have various levels of irregularity in their future and conditional stems.

1) Some just drop the final –e like regular verbs.

dare   dar-
dire   dir-
fare   far-
porre*   porr-
stare   star-
tradurre**   tradurr-

* And other verbs that end in –orre
** And other verbs that end in –urre

2) Some also elide the preceding vowel:

andare   andr-
avere   avr-
cadere   cadr-
dovere   dovr-
potere   potr-
sapere   sapr-
vedere   vedr-
vivere   vivr-

3) A few acquire a second r:

bere   berr-
rimanere   rimarr-
tenere   terr-
venire   verr-
volere   vorr-

4) And essere is in a class all by itself:


 Conseil concis

No matter the verb, whether regular, irregular, or stem-changing, the future / conditional stem always ends in -r.

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Irregular Italian conditional and future

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