Irregular -are Verbs

Irregular Italian verbs
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Verbi irregolari con -are

Italian has only 4 irregular –are verbs (click for lessons):

1. andare to go
2. dare to give
3. fare to do, to make
4. stare to stay, to be

Though these four verbs don’t share a conjugation pattern, it’s helpful to look at them side by side because there are many similarities.

    andare   dare   fare   stare
io   vado   do   faccio   sto
tu   vai   dai   fai   stai
lei   va     fa   sta
noi   andiamo   diamo   facciamo   stiamo
voi   andate   date   fate   state
loro   vanno   danno   fanno   stanno

 Note that the tu conjugations for each verb end in the same letters (-ai). Likewise:

noi   -iamo
voi   -ate
loro   -anno

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Italian irregular verbs

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