Credere – to believe

Credere - to believe
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Italian Verb Beliefs

Credere is one of the most common Italian verbs and is used much like its English equivalent: "to believe."

Credere = to believe, think

Generally speaking, credere is equivalent to "to believe, think."

Per esempio…

Mi credi?   Do you believe me?
Credo di aver vinto.   I think I won.

Credere in = to believe in

Credere in indicates a belief in the truth, existence, or effectiveness of someone/something.

Per esempio…

Lei crede ancora in Babbo Natale.   She still believes in Santa Claus.
Credo nei benefici della meditazione.   I believe in the benefits of meditation.
Crede in suo padre.   He believes in his father (that he will show up).
Credo in questa strategia.   I believe in this strategy (it’s smart and I think it will work).

Credere che = to believe/think that

Credere che is followed by the subjunctive (lesson coming soon).

Per esempio…

Credo che abbia un lavoro.   I think (that) it’s necessary.
Credi che sia vero?   Do you think it’s true?

Expressions with credere

Credo dì sì.   I think so.
Non credo.   I don’t think so.
Non ci credo.   I can’t believe it.
Non ti credere.   Don’t be so sure (about that).
Fai come credi.   Do as you wish.

Credere present tense conjugations

Credere is a regular –ere verb:

io credo   noi  crediamo
tu credi   voi credete
lui, lei crede   loro credono

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Credere - Italian verb

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