Reflexive Pronouns

Pronomi reflessivi
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Pronomi reflessivi

Reflexive pronouns reiterate the subject, which may seem redundant, but in fact serves an important purpose: it indicates that the subject of the verb is performing that action on itself. In contrast, direct and indirect object pronouns indicate that the subject is performing the action on someone or something else.

Per esempio…

Mi alzo alle otto.   I get [myself] up at 8am.
Ci conosciamo.   We know each other.

Characteristics of reflexive pronouns

  1. Are required with reflexive verbs and other kinds of pronominal verbs
  2. Are only used with pronominal verbs
  3. Must agree with the subject

Italian reflexive pronouns

mi me, myself   ci us, ourselves
ti you, yourself   vi you, yourself, yourselves
si him(self), her(self), it(self)
  si them, themselves

Word order

Reflexive pronouns usually directly precede the verb.

Per esempio…

Ci vediamo.   We see each other.
Ti trucchi?   Do you wear make-up?
Mi sto lavando i capelli.   I’m washing my hair.

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Italian reflexive pronouns

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