Prepositions of Place

Italian prepositions
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Preposizioni di luogo

Prepositions of place indicate the location of someone or something in relation to another someone or something.

Per esempio…

Vivo a Roma.   I live in Rome.
La tua borsa è dietro la sedia.   Your bag is behind the chair.
Cosa c’è sotto il tavolo?   What’s under the table?

Italian prepositions of place

a   at, in, to shops, towns, cities
da   at, in, to a person’s home or business
davanti   in front of  
dietro   in back of, behind
in   at, in, to shops, regions, countries, continents
per   to destination with partire
sopra   above  
sotto   under, below  
su   on  
tra   between  

 Remember that a, da, in, and su need to contract with definite articles.

Prepositional phrases of place

accanto a   next to, beside
a destra di   to the right of
a sinistra di   to the left of
all’esterno di   outside of
all’interno di   inside
fuori da   outside of
in fondo a   below, at the bottom (of)
di fronte a   facing, across from
lontano da   far from
vicino a   near (to)

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