Coordinating Conjunctions

Italian coordinating conjunctions
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Congiunzioni coordinanti

Coordinating conjunctions are small words that connect two or more grammatically equivalent words or phrases. The connected words might be adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, or even independent clauses; the important thing is that they’re equal and each one serves the same function in the sentence.

Per esempio…

Marco e Lucia parlano francese.   Marco and Lucia speak French.
E connects two people: Marco and Lucia
Volete un caffè, un tè o una cioccolata?   Do you want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
O is joining three nouns: caffè, , and cioccolata
Vado a Venezia ma non ho molti soldi.   I’m going to Venice but I don’t have much money.
Ma is the connection between two equal clauses: vado a Venezia and non ho molti soldi.

Italian coordinating conjunctions

anche   also
allora   so
e   and
inoltre   besides
ma   but
ma piuttosto   but rather
né … né   neither … nor
o   or
o … o   either … or
oppure   or
poi   then
quindi   so

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Italian coordinating conjunctions

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