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And or in Italian
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Congiunzioni coordinanti

The words "and" and "or" are coordinating conjunctions. In Italian, there are two different forms for each of these two words depending on the word that follows them.

And = e, ed

"And" is normally translated as e.

Per esempio…

Paolo e Lucia parlano francese.   Paolo and Lucia speak French.
Abbiamo bisogno di sale e ghiaccio.   We need salt and ice.
Mi piacciono le fragole e i lamponi.   I like strawberries and raspberries.

When "and" precedes a word that begins with "e," the Italian translation is usually ed instead of e, in order to avoid having two "e" sounds in a row.

Per esempio

Beatrice ed Enrico parlano inglese.   Paolo and Enrico speak English.
È divertente ed eccentrico.   He is funny and eccentric.

 Ed sometimes precedes words beginning with other vowels, but this is becoming less and less common.

 When the noun itself begins with "ed," it’s better to use e for "and" to avoid "ed ed," particularly when speaking.

Per esempio

Mi piace scrivere e editare.   I like writing and editing.
Sienna e Edoardo vivono a Roma.   Sienna and Edoardo live in Rome..

Or = o, od

"Or" is normally translated as o.

Per esempio

Nico o Davide possono aiutarvi.   Nico or Davide can help you.
Vuoi un caffè o un tè?   Do you want coffee or tea?

When "or" precedes a word that begins with o, the Italian translation is often od instead of o, in order to avoid having two "o" sounds in a row.

Per esempio

Nell’ufficio ci sono sette od otto studenti.   There are seven or eight students in the office.
È verticale od orizzontale?   Is it vertical or horizontal?

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