Evaluative Adverbs

Italian evaluative adverbs
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Avverbi di giudizio

Evaluative adverbs, also known as commenting adverbs or avverbi di valutazione, express some measure of agreement or doubt on the part of the speaker.

apparentemente   apparently
appunto   exactly
certamente   certainly
certo   certainly
chiaramente   clearly
davvero   really
dubitativamente   doubtfully
esattamente   exactly
esatto   exactly
eventualmente   possibly
forse   perhaps
indubbiamente   undoubtedly
ovviamente   obviously
possibilmente   possibly
presumibilmente   presumably
probabilmente   probably
proprio   precisely, really
quasi   almost
senza dubbio   doubtlessly
sicuramente   surely, definitely
sicuro   surely

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Avverbi di giudizio

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