Adverbs of Quantity

Italian adverbs of quantity
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Avverbi di quantità

Adverbs of quantity express how much, how many, or to what extent.

abbastanza   quite a bit, enough
alquanto   quite, fairly
altrettanto   equally
appena   just, barely
circa   around, approximately
così   so
meno   less, fewer
molto   very, a lot
moltissimo   very much, a great deal
parecchio   very much, a great deal
piuttosto   quite, rather
più   more
poco   little, not much
quanto   how much
solamente   only
solo   only
tanto   a lot
troppo   too much

Per esempio…

Sono molto stanco.   I’m very tired.
Non ha mangiato abbastanza.   He didn’t eat enough.
Quanto hai pagato?   How much did you pay?

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Avverbi de quantità

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