Interrogative Adjectives

Italian interrogative adjectives
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Aggettivi interrogativi

When asking someone to make a choice between two or more things in Italian, you need an interrogative adjective.

Per esempio…

Quale film vuoi vedere?   Which movie do you want to see?
Che corsi stai seguendo?   What classes are you taking?

Characteristics of interrogative adjectives

  1. Used in place of an article, not with one
  2. Placed directly in front of a noun
  3. May need to agree with the noun in gender and number

Italian interrogative adjectives

1) Che

Che (which, what) is invariable – it can be used with masculine, feminine, singular, and plural nouns.

Per esempio…

Che ore sono?   What time is it?
Che giornali leggi?   Which newspapers do you read?

2) Quale

Quale (which, what) is the singular form for both masculine and feminine nouns, and quali is the plural form.

Per esempio…

Quale libro vuoi?   Which book do you want?
Quali animali hai visto?   What animals did you see?

 Quale/quali are also interrogative pronouns.

3) Quanto

Quanto (how many/much) has the full set of masculine, feminine, singular, and plural forms.

  Singular   Plural
Masculine   quanto   quanti
Feminine   quanta   quante

Per esempio…

Quanto tempo c’è?   How much time is there?
Quanti bambini avete?   How many kids do you have?

 Quanto et al can also be interrogative pronouns.

Beyond questions

Despite the name, interrogative adjectives are not limited to questions.

Per esempio…

Non so quale camicia comprare.   I don’t know which shirt to buy.
Non mi ha detto a che ora arriverà.   He didn’t tell me what time he’s arriving.

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Che, quale, quanto - Aggettivi interrogativi

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