Ti voglio bene

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Ti voglio bene
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Meaning I love you (affectionate)
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Pronunciation Italian sound files [tee voh lyoh beh neh]
IPA   [ti ‘voʎ ʎo ‘bɛ nɛ]

Usage notes: The irregular Italian verb volere means "to want." When modified with bene, it means to love, feel affection toward someone, such as a family member or friend.

Per esempio…

Ti voglio bene, Mamma!   I love you Mom!
Ciao Marco, ti voglio bene!   Bye Marco, I love you!


  • Anche io ti voglio bene. / Anch’io ti voglio bene. – I love you, too.

 Ti voglio bene can also be used for romantic relationships, but it’s softer, less emphatic than ti amo.

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Ti voglio bene - Italian I love you

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