C’è | Ci sono

C'è - ci sono
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Essential Italian Expressions

Meaning   there is  there are
Register   normal
Pronunciation Italian sound files [chay] [chee soh noh]
IPA   [tʃe] [tʃi ‘so no]

Usage notes: There are few expressions more useful than c’è and ci sono, the Italian equivalents of "there is" and "there are."

C’è is the contraction of ci (there) and è (is), from essere (to be). It’s used to introduce a singular noun.

Per esempio…

C’è un albero di mele nel giardino.   There’s an apple tree in the garden.
C’è un problema?   Is there a problem?

When introducing a plural noun, essere is conjugated for third person plural and there is no contraction: ci sono.

Per esempio…

Ci sono molte farfalle.   There are a lot of butterflies.
Non ci sono problemi.   There aren’t any problems.

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Essential Italian - c'è ci sono

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