Buon appetito!

Buon appetito!
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Polite Italian Expression

Meaning enjoy your meal
Literally good appetite
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Pronunciation Italian sound files [bwo nah peh tee toh]
IPA   [bwo na pɛ ti to]

Usage notes: In Italy, it’s traditional to say buon appetito when eating is about to commence, such as when you’re with friends. In response, the recipient of these good wishes typically says grazie (thank you), followed by

  • altrettanto (likewise)
  • anche a te / anche a voi (same to you)

Related expression (for kids)

  • Buon appetito, piatto pulito! – Good appetite, clean plate!

It’s also common for waiters to wish their customers Buon appetito!, in which case responding just Grazie is sufficient.

 The expression Buon appetito can be a bit controversial. Some Italians dislike it due to its origins, which date back to class divisions: learn more.

Alternative expressions

  • Buon pranzo – Enjoy your lunch
  • Buona cena – Enjoy your dinner

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Italian - Buon appetito!