Comparative Adverbs

Italian comparative adverbsComparative adverbs are used to compare the relative superiority or inferiority of two or more things. This superior lesson will keep you from getting an inferiority complex. 😉



Ognissanti, All Saints’ Day, is a day of remembrance of those who have died. Learn about this special celebration while practicing your Italian listening comprehension.



Italian Halloween vocabulary
Halloween is not an Italian holiday, but learning the Italian translations for Halloween vocabulary can be fun, especially for younger students. Happy Halloween!


Adjectives with Prepositions

Italian adjectives with prepositionsWhen describing someone as capable of doing or determined to do something, a preposition is required between the adjective and verb. In Italian, the choice of preposition depends on the adjective that precedes it, not the verb that follows.


Italian alphabetWhen by itself or accented, the Italian letter I is pronounced “ee” as in see or fee.