Italian Halloween vocabulary
Halloween is not an Italian holiday, but learning the Italian translations for Halloween vocabulary can be fun, especially for younger students. Happy Halloween!


Reflexive Pronouns

Italian reflexive pronounsReflexive pronouns reiterate the subject, which may seem redundant, but in fact serves an important purpose: it indicates that the subject of the verb is performing that action on itself.



Italian alphabetThe letter S has two pronunciations in Italian as in English. Most words follow specific rules that spell out which pronunciation is correct.


Dovere – must, to have to

Dover - must, to have toDovere is a very common Italian verb with irregular conjugations and an unusual relationship to some of its English equivalents. It has several meanings related to obligation, supposition, and expectation.





-urre Verbs

Italian -urre verbsItalian has a few verbs with an irregular infinitive that ends in -urre, a contraction of the original infinitive ending -ucere. Many conjugations for these verbs are based on that original infinitive.



Italian languages
Parla italiano? What about another language? Here’s how to say the most commonly spoken and studied languages in Italian, plus a few more for good measure.