Italian soccer terms
World Cup, European Championship, Saturday morning at the park … whenever and wherever you watch or play soccer / football, this Italian vocab can help you out.


Italian Thanksgiving vocabulary
Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but there’s no reason you can’t talk about it in Italian – once you learn the relevant vocabulary with this lesson.

C’è | Ci sono

C'è ci sono
There are few expressions more useful than c’è and ci sono, the Italian equivalents of “there is” and “there are.”


And + Or

And or in ItalianThe words "and" and "or" are coordinating conjunctions. In Italian, there are two different forms for each of these two words depending on the word that follows them.


Sapere – to know

Sapere - knowThe Italian verb sapere usually means "to know." It has irregular conjugations in just about every tense and mood, and a somewhat different meaning in the past.



Italian Halloween vocabulary
Halloween is not an Italian holiday, but learning the Italian translations for Halloween vocabulary can be fun, especially for younger students. Happy Halloween!

-arre Verbs

Italian -arre verbsItalian has a dozen verbs with an irregular infinitive that ends in -arre, a contraction of the original infinitive ending -aggere. Many conjugations for these verbs are based on that original infinitive.