-urre Verbs

Italian -urre verbsItalian has a few verbs with an irregular infinitive that ends in -urre, a contraction of the original infinitive ending -ucere. Many conjugations for these verbs are based on that original infinitive.



Italian languages
Parla italiano? What about another language? Here’s how to say the most commonly spoken and studied languages in Italian, plus a few more for good measure.



Italian imperfectThey say practice makes perfect, so how can one of the most common Italian past tenses be imperfect? In grammatical terms, “perfect” means “complete,” so the imperfect tense is used to describe an incomplete or ongoing action or state of being.


Hard and Soft Vowels

Italian hard and soft vowelsItalian vowels are divided into two categories: hard and soft. Hard vowels (A, O, U) cause the consonant that precedes them to be pronounced with a hard sound, while soft vowels (E, I) are preceded by a soft sound.



Reflexive Verbs

Italian reflexive verbsFor reflexive verbs, the reflexive pronoun indicates that the subject of the verb is performing the action on him/her/itself, rather than on someone or something else. The majority of reflexive verbs have to do with one’s body, clothing, or relationships.


Toiletries and Cosmetics

Toiletries in Italian
Time to get ready! Do you know the Italian terms for toiletries, cosmetics, and the reflexive verbs that go with them? Check out this vocabulary list with sound files.